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Welcome to the Blog site for the Triple H Initiative by Craig D’Aurizio. This blog is a journal entry on my search for the truest form of wealth that I know of: Home, Health, and Happiness.

Blog Posts

First seeds have sprouted

Roughly a week after planting the first seeds comprised of eggplant, basil, lettuce, and chili, the first sprouts have begun showing themselves. To be honest I wasn’t sure if there would be any growth as it’s like the moon where I’m where I’m living in Northern Thailand; it’s very hot during the day and itContinue reading “First seeds have sprouted”

Seed saving success!

Success with saving Papaya seeds! Remember when I showed that jar full of floating papaya seeds? Well 5 weeks later I have an update on how that turned out. I kept changing the water because it was becoming quite scummy every few days and that was making me uncomfortable, however, I chimed in with myContinue reading “Seed saving success!”

Planning the farm day two

Another video post! This time I woke up early after a late night (as you can probably tell by my eyes) so that I could measure the morning shadows at 8:00am. The wheels have been turning in my head trying to visualize the shape and design of this farm and how it’s going to receiveContinue reading “Planning the farm day two”

Pun Pun – Day 3

This evening concludes my third day here at Pun Pun organic farm. Things got off to a slow start due to the coordinators being busy with a group of Thais coming in to participate in a four day sustainable living workshop. I kept busy by looking around the farm, taking notes and writing down questionsContinue reading “Pun Pun – Day 3”

Taking the first step

The first major step of my journey towards some form of meaningful change begins tomorrow Oct 21 2020. I will be flying from Bangkok, Thailand to Chiang Mai, Thailand to begin my time as a volunteer at Thailand’s most popular (and I believe largest) organic farm – Pun Pun. I will be learning under theContinue reading “Taking the first step”

Craig D’Aurizio

Craig D’Aurizio is an amateur blogger who is documenting his transition from a life of that is complicated and unfulfilling to a life of true wealth based on the mantra: Home, Health & Happiness.

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